Caligula Episode 11: I Did It

Great, we finally figured it all out. Only thing is, there’s nothing really to figure out. Any mumbo jumbo along the way existed only to make pretty basic story seem more than it was.


Crazy girl from last week continues to crazy while other characters continue to lack consequence, but we’re getting a big fight sequence and something weird is happening in Mobius. None of this matters at all though, because it is inside a computer program, as we knew, and now we know that Ritsu kind of did it in the first place and he’s now outside the program trying to fix it. Though I’m not sure if his definition of fixing things is the same as everyone else’s given he doesn’t seem to want to shut the program down and free everyone so much as make the program actually work to make people happy.


That said, this continues to be a pretty flat viewing experience with zero stakes and no real need to care about any of the random developments. And while I get everything does not need to be high stakes, I kind of need to care about something and here neither the characters nor plot have done enough to make me think they are worth worrying about.

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