Devils’ Line Episode 10: Disjointed

This week we get the continuation of Anzai’s showdown with the professor on the train, a training sequence, some chat about lost memories and the ongoing conspiracy, a romance sequence, and then a fire. Not really sure which part of that I was supposed to pay attention to.


Devils’ Line continues to be a bit of an oddity. I don’t actually dislike, but it isn’t good. Nor is it entertainingly bad. It’s kind of like watching the sketched outline of something that potentially could have been good but it never got out of draft form. As a result, ideas are tossed about and we drift from scene to scene with nothing to really distinguish what’s important and what is not. Conversations about murder are delivered in exactly the same tone and colouring as conversations about drinking tea and it makes the whole things just sit a bit strangely.


Turns out we’re going for the ‘Anzai’s special’ approach to bringing this to some kind of conclusion. Why and how I’m sure we’ll get to, but given so many characters are turning their focus to him, as if he’s all that interesting, they will hopefully reveal it soon. Of course, I haven’t actually confirmed how many episodes this anime has, so maybe we’ll just stretch this whole drama out. I’m kind of hoping not.

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