GeGeGe No Kitaro Episode 10: School Mysteries

It may be a common setting for ghost stories, but this episode makes it work with Mana, Cat-chick and the gang.


Mana and Cat-Chick are my favourite two characters from this show, so an episode where the two team up for almost the whole run-time as Kitaro is conveniently away was always going to make for an entertaining watch. Throw in the school mysteries and a stalker ghost and you have the makings of great fun.


And yet, it isn’t Mana and Cat-Chick that really nail the tone of this episode, even though they are great as always. The support cast and the antagonist really step up this week with almost all of the cast hitting the right notes for this episode to be that fun, family friendly style horror story that the first few episodes of this series kind of gave us. A lot of fun.

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