Libra of Nil Admirari Episode 8: Even A Letter

Things continue to get darker in this anime as Kuze continues to work looking for cursed tomes and the bad guys apparently get even more obvious.


After we ended last week with the traitor headed for a showdown with Karusu they essentially give us a pretty weak scene of him being overwhelmed by the sight of his own blood and then we just kind of move on and pretend that didn’t happen. Despite Kuze’s friends getting attacked left and right last week, this time we’re all just business as usual except now Kuze needs to be accompanied everywhere by one of the pretty-boys leaving me wondering if they just weren’t getting enough screen time.


All of this is kind of wrapped around the story of the reporter looking into things and one of the clumsiest bits of foreshadowing so far this season. He and his kouhai go drinking and both say lines from books/films that are pretty much death-flags and laugh about that. Then we get Kuze being told that even a letter might become a cursed tome. Then we find out reporter guy has received a letter. All in the space of around ten minutes. There’s no time to build up to the end so even though it is actually quite a confronting scene there’s no real emotional payoff here. Its just another thing that happened and gives Kuze another reason to keep trying to track down cursed tomes.


I’d kind of like this story to be redone but as an actual psychological thriller. I think there’s a lot of potential in the overall plot that is currently being watered down by its otome roots.

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