Caligula Episodes 7 + 8: Absolutely Nothing Of Note Happening Here

What’s better than random events and stuff happening for no apparent reason? Having random events occurring in random order. Thank Caligula for being the anime this season that shows us exactly how not to make a story interesting.

I feel like I need a rescue.

The characters have had a month since the last battle and they’ve settled in to being a school club that relishes hot pot. They may frame this in the sense that they are waiting for something, but realistically, there’s nothing going on. The Musicians are also waiting, though they are waiting with increasing frustration and their ‘perfect’ worlds come crashing down around them in the absence of μ.


The episode is so full of nothing that we get to watch the hot-pot scenario twice with slightly different cut scenes and flashbacks to fill in the events of the last month. Which essentially amount to nothing.


It doesn’t help that all of these unbalanced characters are unbalanced in an unnuanced and unrelatable manner. There’s something interesting about damaged characters. There’s nothing interesting about characters created with a single minded focus for the sake of appearing damaged. And an entire cast that seems to be built this way leaves this whole thing feeling very shallow.


In these two episodes these is one tiny little moment of interest when Ritsu meets with μ in what might be a dream or something else and he starts maybe seeing events before Mobius, but really this small segment isn’t enough to make these two episodes recommendable.

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13 thoughts on “Caligula Episodes 7 + 8: Absolutely Nothing Of Note Happening Here

    1. There’s just no substance to this at all. I was initially intrigued with the premise but they’ve done nothing of note with it and it seems like we’re just going to devolve into shouting our feelings at one another while going through fight sequences that seem completely random.

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