Doreiku The Animation Episode 5: Too Late, Eia.

Are we supposed to like Eia now because she realised its stupid to play a game that enslaves people? This anime continues to astound with its ongoing lack of logical thought by the characters.


Finally, Eia has realised that Ohta is kind of crazy and never really had any intention of letting slaves go. Though his treatment of Ayaka this episode was just disgusting to watch. What really astounds though is that this anime made such a big deal about Eia being a good judge of character and yet somehow she partnered up with this psycho and has only just realised he’s crazy.


There’s some more introductions and expansions on the characters enslave by Ryuuou this week, though so far other than clearly being after their savings’ accounts the young psycho hasn’t really tipped his hand as to what he’s after by playing the game. So other than a third party being kind of introduced, this episode really just made us dislike all the existing characters. I guess if you like watching what amounts to torture during an eating contest, there might be something interesting here, but for me this was a low point in an already pretty poor series.

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12 thoughts on “Doreiku The Animation Episode 5: Too Late, Eia.

    1. I continually find it amazing that anyone is surprised by the fact that this game of turning people into slaves is making people act crazy or has consequences. It’s like they never really suspected anyone else could be thinking of using the system to their own advantage and they are always surprised when they end up getting the losing end of a game. It’s kind of tragic really.

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