Doreiku The Animation Episode 4: Credibility Gone

Further random developments and while this anime is definitely a fun train wreck in the making, it isn’t a great story. With poor visuals and fairly weak characterisation, unless you just happen to like watching things fall apart in slow motion there’s not a lot going on here.


The dog wearing an SCM was a silly enough plot development and one that the characters ask the question of but don’t find an answer to in this episode. Though, it turns out the dog was previously owned by Eia so let the loop of interconnections and coincidences coil tighter despite the fact that we don’t really have a clue about what is really going on or why any of these characters need a connection other than the idiocy of putting the SCM in their mouth in the first place.

But that plot development could have possibly have been moved past until this episode decided to break its own established rules. So the thug guy beat Shiori and became her master and then the dog beat him becoming his master. Which means technically, Shiroi, as his slave, should have transferred over to become the dog’s slave (as absurd as that sounds). But instead, at the end of the sequence, Shiori and the cross-dressing guy go with Julia and her partner slave to meet their master, who of course turns out to be a kid who seems to be getting a kick out of tricking people and manipulating them. So this is going to go well.


As I mentioned in my review of episode one of Magical Girl Site, I don’t mind a bit of pain and misery in a story but I need to feel there is a point. This kind of just feels like they are going through the motions and each plot development feels more forced than the last. What do you think so far?

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13 thoughts on “Doreiku The Animation Episode 4: Credibility Gone

    1. I won’t mind if we get to some sort of point at a later part in the story, but as these episodes roll on the likelihood of their being a point seems less and less.


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