Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 9: Shouken’s Reasons

Another flashback episode for this anime, this time showing us Shouken’s perspective on past events.


This whole second season, the shadow of Shouken has been looming over everything. Three episodes we followed Keika as he wandered through Tanmoku’s memories of his former bodyguard and now, at last, we’ve found Shouken himself and entered his memories. While there’s a lot of the same events playing out, they are minimising the reused material and even dialogue we’ve heard before takes on a different meaning through a slightly different angle on the visual or through Shouken’s internal monologue outlining his motives at that time.


While not the most exciting of episodes, it is one that makes the audience reconsider their assessment on a few situations and it does set up the conflict that is obviously about to happen with Shouken’s brother firmly in a position now to act. Definitely interesting and if you are caught up in this story, this was another solid step toward a resolution.


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