Tada Doesn’t Fall in Love Episode 2: A Shocking Development – Teresa Joins a Club

Tada Doesn't Fall in Love Episode 2

Yes, this anime is taking the generic and well travelled path of high school romances yet that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What did you think?


There are definitely a couple of issues with this anime so far. The biggest one being that this story could have felt so much fresher if they just hadn’t had Teresa transfer into the school. They could have still introduced a hobby photo club if they needed to and they would have been able to avoid some of the over used tropes and characters of high school romances ever. But that isn’t its only issue.

Episode two does nothing to advance any kind of romantic plot between Tada and Teresa and yet multiple scenes seemed to indicate these two have formed some kind of friendship or bond. It is almost as though the anime wants to skip over all the parts where these two would develop a relationship and just wants us to assume they have one.


That said, if you just was a fun high school romp, this kind of does the trick. There’s some genuine fun to be had in watching the competition within the photography club and a few set ups that are genuinely enjoyable to watch. The whole episode is full of life and just kind of pushes forward with only one or two scenes staying beyond their welcome.

While this wasn’t particularly amazing, it certainly passes as entertaining and I actually would like to see more of these characters. After the second episode, what are your thoughts on this anime?

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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