Spiritpact – Bond of the Underworld Episode 6: Bound to the Past

I really could start this review the same way as the previous episode, as in this episode Keika continues to float around in Tanmoku’s memory, though this time we see that perhaps he had some small influence over events back then leading to Shinryu actually being able to save Tanmoku. While some anime that spend two plus episodes walking around in the past might end up being a bit on the dull side (or you might at least wonder what the point is), here is is feeling incredibly rewarding to see the events that have shaped Tanmoku and ultimately the relationship he has with Keika.


Meanwhile, Keika’s earnest desire to save Tanmoku from his nightmares is pretty adorable even if he doesn’t really have a clue how to do it. I also liked that while at first Keika was unreasonably jealous of Shinryu, he now sees just how much of an influence he had, and still has, over Tanmoku and realises how important he is to him. So while he is still definitely jealous, he’s starting to realise that the Tanmoku he knows would not exist without Shinryu.


This continues to be a fairly rewarding viewing experience this season and hopefully this arc resolves in a satisfying manner given the time they’ve committed to it.

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