Record of Grancrest War Episode 12: This May Have Found Some Direction, At Last

This anime took a week off to do a recap (which I still haven’t got around to watching but according to a lot of reviewers apparently it helps make sense of most of the first 11 episodes), but despite that I found episode 12 to be far more focused than I think I’ve ever seen this series. The characters finally all have a clear motive and direction for their actions and seem to be acting on established ideas rather than plucking new philosophies from mid-air. It was kind of disconcerting how much this seemed like an actually sensibly written episode.


And with Villar gone, as predicted, Theo and Siluca do take more screen time, though we seem to have a larger ensemble cast. I liked that when Lassic tried to push Theo as the leader of the treaty it was shot down. Theo really hasn’t done much to recommend him to the other lords at large and having them simply fall in behind him at this point would be hard to swallow. At the same time that also gave him a reason to finally pursue his initial goal which had kind of gotten swallowed in amongst all the other politicking that has been going on.


While this is a nice change for the anime, it remains to be seen whether this is maintained for the rest of the second cour but I’m kind of hopeful. I’ve wanted more from this show and episode 12 seems like a good step in the right direction.

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17 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 12: This May Have Found Some Direction, At Last

      1. Although I haven’t watched it myself (or maybe gave up partway through episode 1, now that I think about it), I have gathered as much from your illuminating accounts and penetrating analysis.


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