Natsume’s Supporter’s Battle For Supremacy Round 3 Part B

Here it is. The final part of the collaboration where I of course sweep in to claim victory over the match (okay, maybe not, but I’m sure readers will agree that Natori is worth the time). Be sure to check it out over on Irina’s blog and leave us a comment or vote in the poll.
Results of the poll will be out next week.

I drink and watch anime

You can find the original of that beautiful header image HERE

We are in the home stretch folks. If you missed out of anything you can catch up on past rounds:

Here we Go!

They are a great pair (find it here)

For this round Karandi will give her final support to Natori.

Karandi: As much as I really appreciate Matoba’s role in Natsume, fully agreeing with Irina that he injects some much needed conflict into an otherwise fairly relaxed narrative, I was always of the opinion that once Reiko and Nyanko were removed from the running, Natori would win this for sure. And while I will elaborate as to why Natori is in fact the best of this vast supporting cast, we could just cut to the…

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