Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Archers

Alright, I know before getting into this that someone is going to suggest Fate/Whatever but the only one of that franchise I’ve actually watched is Fate/Stay Night and it didn’t terribly impress so no, they didn’t get on the list. However, as always, once I get through my list I would love to know which characters you would include on yours. This is a pretty straight forward list in that the only requisite is the character uses a bow and arrow (or some very close variant).

Please note: there may be some spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week go to Sailor Mars and Madoka.

Number 5: Borgoff Marcus from Vampire Hunter D


Okay, honestly this is probably more of a cross-bow thing than a bow and arrow, but it is still really cool. The guy launches enough of his arrows to fill the sky and rain down death upon the vampires he’s hunting. He is also incredibly accurate which is demonstrated numerous times throughout the movie. All and all, it is a great weapon and while he isn’t the best character, he is certainly a fine marksman.

Number 4: Miyuki from Red Data Girl


We see Miyuki training at archery regularly and we know he was trained as a mountain monk. Throughout the series we see him use both the bow and a staff to try to defend Izumiko (though his spiritual power is a little low when not being given a boost by Wamiya). Still, he looks pretty good when drawing his bow.

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Red Data Girl.jpg

Number 3: Yona from Akatsuki no Yona


It would be almost criminal to make this list and not include Yona. She starts out having never been allowed to touch weapons and she spends a lot of time training. Yet all that hard work pays off because she becomes very competent with that bow by the end of the series. This one I particularly like because she didn’t start off an amazing archer but we saw her develop this skill over the course of the series.

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Yona of the Dawn.jpg

Number 2: Tigre from Lord Marksman and Vanadis


The show is called Lord Marksman so of course there was an archer involved and Tigrevurmud Vorn (no wonder he gets called Tigre) is the main character. In fact, bows are looked down upon as a coward’s weapon and one of not much use early in this series and Tigre faces all kinds of discrimination from the other Lord’s. However, that doesn’t last as Tigre shows time and again what a bow can do in the hand of a competent user. He wins the trust of Eleonora who ends up backing him as he fights to first defend his lands and then his kingdom from invasion.

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Lord Marksman.jpg

Number 1: Ishida from Bleach


It was always going to take something a little bit special to beat Tigre on this list, but Ishida is always going to hold a special place in my heart. My favourite character from Bleach and proving just how cool a bow can be, Ishida well and truly deserves the number one spot on my list. I also love the variations of ‘bow’ Ishida uses throughout the series and it was always interesting seeing how Ishida adapted to different enemies. A far more refined fighting style than Ichigo’s swing the sword and see if it connects approach.

And that’s my list this week but I’ll hand it over to you and ask who your favourite anime archers are.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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34 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Archers

  1. Glad to see Yona. I had already guessed you would include her in the list upon reading the title. Yona’s development is truly a remarkable one. I love the fact she doesn’t have that “overly protected by gorgeous men” type female protagonist. She is not annoying at all. She would always try to overcome her weakness. I love her character a lot.
    Great list of archers! 🙂

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  2. Well…that’s a first for me…I can’t think of any character that I had ever seen in all the animes that I have seen that was an archer. Goes to show that I really need to see some more fantasy type animes. And posts like this are great in reminding me of that, as this is quite embarrassing 🙈🙈

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    1. No archers?
      While I wouldn’t recommend buying it without seeing it, I’d totally recommend trying Lord Marksman and Vanadis. It has some real harem tropes going on in it, the usual female armour doesn’t cover anything issues, and a protagonist that is covered in plot armour, but it is still actually a really interesting story. That said, its style of battle sequence is ‘unique’ in that the narrator kind of jumps in and just tells us how the conflict is set up before a fight and the different tactics before we see like a few seconds of fighting and then we move on. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I found int interesting. And Tigre is an excellent archer.

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      1. Of course after reading this comment the first thing I checked is if this one is available for me: and surprise, surprise it is ! Honestly this sounds seriously cool, especially the battle scenes that you are describing: I love unusual stuff…and this sounds unusual. Hmm…gonna have to see if I can find some time in the weekend to watch this: thanks for the recommendation! 😊😊

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  3. If we’re counting magic bows, then I’d like to remind everyone of Lina Inverse, master of the Flame Arrow and Freeze Arrow attacks.

    Also, archery is my singular favorite thing in Skyrim.

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    1. Definitely love archery in Skyrim. I totally maxed out the archery skill again and again. Mostly because I remembered in Morrowind how useless bows were and you couldn’t get any better at the skill because using the bow almost definitely got you killed. Skyrim on the otherhand, allowed bows to be pretty overpowered by the time you maxed out the stats.

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  4. The original Fate/stay night anime is supposed to be poop, so you may want to re-evaluate your view after watching Unlimited Blade Works if you haven’t already. (The original anime series follows the “Fate” route of the visual novel, while UBW follows the route of the same name. Most recently, there’s been a movie based on the third “Heaven’s Feel” route.) Archer is indeed pretty awesome, and I want to drown in his voice.

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      1. Did you watch Fate/stay night? It’s TERRIBLE. UBW is alright. But Fate/zero…that’s based on a light novel by Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Psycho Pass) and it’s an absolute heartbreaking masterpiece.

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