Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Episode 3: Entering A Dungeon


This one continues to be less than exciting and somewhat less than visually impressive as we follow Satou and Zena on their date around the city before they rescue some slaves from being stoned and finally get dropped into a dungeon by a demon. Pretty typical date really, or at least you would think it is for all that the main character actually reacts to the situation.


While this plays out more or less exactly the way it did in the book, there was even less hesitation and uncertainty from Satou (and there wasn’t that much in the book). Here he hesitates but a moment and then goes and pulls a rambo on a bug. While a sense of danger isn’t really what this is going for, feeling that events like being dropped in a dungeon are as boring as changing the sheets is probably a small problem in terms of this anime really sticking for people.


I did however like the demon. He’s incredibly annoying and his voice is horrible and it just perfectly suits a low level and annoying demon. Pochi and Tama are similarly sufficiently cute without being obnoxious. All and all, this episode really didn’t give anyone a reason to jump into this if they weren’t watching but pretty much did the same as the last two for those who are already watching it.

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