Sanrio Boys Episode 3: Angry Sister Character Needs To Disappear


I’m kind of getting what they were going for this episode but Yuri, Yuu’s younger sister, is just so incredibly unlikable by the time Yuu nearly hit her I was kind of hoping no one would stop him (even though that would end up leaving an incredibly bad taste on the entire anime). But she was just truly a horrible person. Which actually kind of leaves this whole episode with an overall nasty after-taste and not in a way that makes you reflect but in a way that makes you wish this character doesn’t take the spot-light again in the series.


And pretty much that is all I’ve got for this episode. The boys grow closer as friends, they talk about My Melody (a lot because product placement is the goal here) and we get a teaser at then end for an issue with the soccer club for next week’s artificial high school drama setting.

For me, another episode like this one will see this show dropped.

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Karandi James.



20 thoughts on “Sanrio Boys Episode 3: Angry Sister Character Needs To Disappear

  1. She was/is an absolutely horrible character. I enjoy the show for what it is CBDCT, but well half the time I’m also rolling my eyes at half the stuff that’s going on. so I’m kind of with you on this Karandi.

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        1. That depends on how cute you like your stories. This one is sickly sweet at times because everyone is just kind of a nice person deep down so there’s no real sense of conflict in the episodes. Still, it is a fairly relaxing viewing experience and they did take a moment in episode one to deal with grief which was a nice touch even if it seems to have since been forgotten.

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  2. It’s pretty bad. Honestly their whole fight makes so little sense anyways because they’re not really fighting about… anything? I don’t understand. it’s Studio Pierrot, though, so having high hopes for anything is a bad idea.

    I’d probably have dropped this 5 minutes into episode 1, but I have to watch it for a collab! Curse you Irina!

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    1. The first episode was okay and I was kind of interested that they’d put some thought into a story for something that really was just pure advertising. Even second episode was pretty fun to watch. But this was really just painful and another episode like this and I’m definitely dropping this series.

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    1. And why keep making food for her if she insists she doesn’t want it? He keeps cooking even though he resents it, she keeps denying the food because she doesn’t want to feel like a burden (though that logic makes no sense at all when she could just help out with the cooking), and they are both miserable. It was just so pointless.

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