Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 3: Did We Want To See Some Magic In Our Magical Girl Show?


While I will admit I liked this a great deal more than episode 2, I also have to admit this one isn’t a must watch for me this season. While the nostalgia is still there to an extent and I could happily watch Sakura and Syaoran blush at each other all day, if I missed an episode of this I’d be fairly fine with that.


While last week the focus was on the normal everyday before a card showed up at the end, this episode hits us hard and fast with weird things as the school day starts and rain appears out of nowhere. It continues until the afternoon and Sakura is attacked by water on her way home from school. Fortunately, Tomoyo once again packed necessities including a new outfit for the capture.


Toya and Yukito get a brief moment before we get back to Sakura cheerleading at school and then yet another card appears.


There’s a few things that are going to need answers such as what is Syaoran actually doing after school that he never seems to be around and what is Toya up to? Also, does the fact that the cloaked figure is the same height as Sakura mean it’s just Sakura projecting herself or was I reading too much into that comment?

So yes, plenty of fun to be had here even if I’m not quite as caught up in it as I may have been once upon a time.

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24 thoughts on “Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 3: Did We Want To See Some Magic In Our Magical Girl Show?

  1. Theres a good theory out there that the new transfer student is another reincarnation of one of Clow’s associates. Also, yea Clamp is marketing this towards a new generation of girls and not just nostalgic fans, so I can see why it may be tough to hold interest for some.


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