Junji Ito Collection Episode 3: Still Not Scary But The Second Story Is A Little Disturbing


The first story this week is pretty straight forward, though the unresolved ending leaves a lingering feeling that things are not over yet. The story is kind of focused on an urban legend about having your fortune told by a stranger at the crossroads only a number of girls who have done this have ended up committing suicide at the crossroads when the fortune wasn’t exactly favourable.


While functional as a story, the over-reliance on fog at the crossroads to create atmosphere kind of felt like overkill, though it did make a nice contrast when the fog cleared.

The second story was very short but I found it incredibly disturbing when the slug popped out of the girl’s mouth even though I was waiting for it to happen.


While this story isn’t exactly complex and the way it ends is a bit strange, it kind of hit the tone I’d been looking for in this series.

Overall, this show remains an interesting watch even if not a particularly horrific one.

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Karandi James.



14 thoughts on “Junji Ito Collection Episode 3: Still Not Scary But The Second Story Is A Little Disturbing

  1. The first episode was bad. I didn’t want to watch the second episode because of it. The second episode was okay. They could have bumped the animation a bit. Maybe show the gore a little more. I’l continue watching it, but I don’t expect much from this anime. The novels seems to be much better. My imagination can fill in the blanks.

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  2. The first story really didn’t do much for me…like you said it’s open ending only made it even more unsatisfactory. The second one was kind of disturbing, agreed 😊 I said it last week, and I will say it again…this still feels like the Twilight Zone to me, albeit the bad episodes lol 😂😂 Hope it will give us some better and more interesting stories soon, but it’s definitely okay so far 😀

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    1. I’ve been okay with what this has been doing. I would have liked to have gotten a bit more from the episodes and feel a bit more of a thrill, but I’m happy with some weird tale being presented before we move on. It’s kind of relaxing and doesn’t require much of a commitment.

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