Inquiring Minds Want To Know

A new year should mean something new for the blog and I’ve been wanting to add a different type of post for awhile so  I decided it was time to get in and do it.

And so I am adding an ‘ask’ post (imaginatively titled ‘Inquiring Minds Want To Know’) where I will respond to reader questions. These questions can be about something I’ve said in one of my posts, anything related to anime or blogging, or about myself (though I am probably going to pass on a lot of the personal questions).

If you would like to be involved, just answer the very simple survey below or if it is not displaying properly use this link and I’ll consider which questions I’m going to tackle first. You don’t have to give your name and website however if you do fill in that field I will link to your blog if I answer your question.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.




4 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want To Know

  1. I’ve been pondering doing one of these myself, but I was going to use the comment section to solicit questions rather than a poll. Did you go with a poll for the anonymity factor? (Though by using the link option they can bypass that if they want to.)

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    1. I went with the poll so there was kind of a central place for responses and I wasn’t having to go through comments on multiple posts to find responses. This way I can link the survey later and the responses will go to the same place. Whether it works or not I’ll find out. This was a bit of an experiment.

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