Mitchiri Neko Episode 1: The Less Said The Better


Something about cats.


I’m guessing the intent of this is to teach vocabulary or something but it certainly isn’t watchable even with only a three minute run time. Solid pass and moving on.

Still, it is shows like this that are making me regret the decision I made to try every premiere on the services I subscribe to in order to at least taste them before making a decision. I probably could have dropped this one after one look at it.

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Karandi James.



13 thoughts on “Mitchiri Neko Episode 1: The Less Said The Better

  1. I initially wanted to watch this because… cats, lol. But after giving it another look (PV screen-shots and overview), I knew I’d hate it so I dropped it off my list of things to check out. So glad I did.

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    1. See, the banana cats actually were kind of cute and I managed 4 or 5 episodes of that before I decided it was just wasting my time. This didn’t even have a cute factor to draw me in to committing to something that really isn’t worth my time.


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