Summer 2018 Week 4

summer week 4

Four weeks in and the watch list is getting shorter. Next week I will be starting a rewatch and re-review of Yuri on Ice (that will publish on Monday’s instead of Angels of Death). I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile so the lighter watch list this season is actually a great reason to finally stop putting it off.

That said, what I’m still watching, while not really brilliant on the whole, are mostly enjoyable. Probably the only other show super in danger of being cut is GeGeGe no Kitaro and that is because its had quite the slump for a number of weeks. Otherwise, I’m fairly sure I’m sticking with the current line up. Though Lord of Vermilion and Holmes of Kyoto may not last the whole season.

What I watched

100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams (Episode 4)


This one continues to be more or less pleasant nothingness. There are some good parts to it, and some very average parts to it, and all and all it is just kind of popcorn viewing. It is there and then it is gone and you enjoyed it at the time but you don’t really miss it. That said, this episode seemed like it was setting a few things up so we’ll see how it develops.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion (Episode 4)


So war is ugly. That seems to be the be all and end all of this show, and to be honest that’s more or less enough to carry it. This is not an elegant fight. The exiles are outnumbered and on the run and there have been deaths and injuries, traitors, and they are most definitely on the back foot. So far its been a pretty good watch so we’ll see what Angolmois does next week.

Attack on Titan Season 3 (Episode 2)


While I’m still not convinced I like the direction Attack on Titan has taken from a narrative point of view, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that episode 2 of season 3 was pretty amazing to watch. Everything about the first half of this was exciting to watch and the second half plunged us into just enough darkness to really grab my attention.

Banana Fish (Episode 4 – Not Reviewed)


Arthur is a deeply unpleasant human being and his confrontation with Eiji is a decidedly uncomfortable viewing experience, and yet this anime remains one of the most compelling watches of the season. The second half that shifts its focus back to Ash and Max in prison and the both of them dealing with the news of Griffin’s death is particularly affective.

Cells at Work (Episode 4)


Episode 4 has kind of cemented this anime’s pattern of Red Blood Cell visiting new location, something happening, the cells work together to do their jobs to fight off the problem, and then we get a happy smiling moment at the end. It is simple but it works really well and I’m thinking this is the most fun food poisoning will ever be.

GeGeGe no Kitaro (Episode 18)


Alright, that’s three episodes in a row where I’ve been more or less disinterested. This show gets one more shot and then I’m going to add it to the chopping block. On the bright side I did want a lighter season, though apparently my seasonal viewing is getting cut right back due to an absence of anything actually interesting being on.

Holmes of Kyoto (Episode 4)


Another fairly bland and uneventful episode. And I know that word ‘uneventful’ is inviting criticism given we had the long awaited (does 3 episodes count as long) confrontation between Aoi and her ex. It was pretty unspectacular to say the least and to be honest pretty much like everything else in this show. Forgettable.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord (Episode 5)


For all the excessive amounts of boob grabbing, panty shots, and generally unsuitable attire for females that this show has going, it remains fairly interesting as each episode progresses the plot in a natural and kind of fun way. Admittedly, if you actively avoid fan-service this show won’t work for you, but if you either enjoy it or can ignore it, this one has so far been pretty entertaining.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Episode 18 – Reviewed for Patrons)

Kakuriyo18eThe artificial drama is high and once again the healing power of food is explored as family conflicts are overturned in the course of a single meal. Such is the power of Aoi’s cooking, or at least her weak fainting spell which is what really brought them all back to the table. Okay, so this anime hasn’t really improved but it didn’t get worse either.

Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King (Episode 3)


This would probably be more enjoyable if it wasn’t trying to take something so ludicrous in any way seriously. While it is watchable, between paper thin characterisation and exposition dumps filling in a nonsense plot, this one is probably the perfect anime to pass on. While there might be something good coming later, these first three episodes have been unimpressive.

Phantom in the Twilight (Episode 4)

Twilight4cThis still isn’t particularly brilliant, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having quite a bit of fun with this series so far. Each week it seems a little better and while I still don’t much like the protagonist and the endless dragging out of the kidnapped friend has just become a little bit silly, overall there’s been some good moments in these first episodes.

Steins;Gate 0 (Episode 16)


Finally a powerful and moving episode, though once again there’s a heavy reliance on our attachment to these characters from the original in order to pull off the emotional landing this show was going for this week. That doesn’t detract from an overall well put together episode mind you, but it does make you wonder if this would ever have stood on its own without brand recognition.

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einhenjer (Episode 4)


This continues to be watchable but not exactly compelling. A lot of this episode really just felt like filler while we waited for the next thing to happen. There was a bit of back story and exposition, but really it was like someone had hit the pause button until they finally got rolling again. All and all, watchable but not great viewing.

My Hero Academia (Episode 16)


Yeah, no. This episode did nothing to off-set my worries about the direction this arc was going and to be honest I would say that in a marathon of this show you would be able to more or less skip this episode entirely and miss nothing. While one or two points may later become important, it was just one stretched out scattered fight and not a particularly interesting one.

Episode of the Week

I’ll just admit it, episode 4 of Phantom in the Twilight made me finally admit I actually like the show and I’m not just grudgingly watching it. It isn’t brilliant, but there’s fun to be had and this episode made me accept that.

Character of the Week

How could it not be Levi? He was amazing in this episode in every-way. From the fight, to looking after the others, to providing a voice of reason, and to not hesitating when it came to getting his hands dirty, Levi just dominated this episode.

Dropped or On Hold

  • Angels of Death (Episode 4)
  • Hanebado (Episode 1)
  • Harukana Receive (Episode 1)
  • Island (Episode 4)
  • Planet With (Episode 1)
  • The Thousand Muskateers (Episode 1)
  • Yuna and the Haunted Hotsprings (Episode 1)

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14 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Week 4

  1. Hi, as always it is fun reading your posts….I have only watched the first episodes of a few anime, couldn’t watch the rest due to my amazing internet connection…. reading this gave a basic understanding of their progression but I am still gonna watch most of them and write about a few….but I do feel a bit that the content this season is not that impressive but I am gonna watch anyway….have a good day….

    1. This season definitely hasn’t been all that impressive. There’s a couple of titles to keep people happy but there’s a lot of shows that just haven’t really done much for people.
      Hopefully they either pick up, or there’s always next season.

      1. I agree it is not entirely a bad season ….I am not really digging that deep as to what is going on with the studios but I think instead of making lots average anime It would do good to make one or two exceptional anime…. sometimes it’s scary to imagine if things are getting side tracked….

  2. Loved this post! You have been really getting through the list of animes, and that is quite admirable since my list just keeps growing! I guess we cannot complain about lack of content ^ ^ I have been considering watching ‘Angels of Death’ just based on many viewers’ reactions to it on social media. Do you reckon, based on what you have watched, that it is worth it? I probably will check it out anyway, but it is great if someone is enjoying it!

    1. I’ve dropped it after episode 4 but there are others still watching on and I’ve been told the most recent episode might be a sign of improvement. Worth giving it a go. The first episode was okay but after that it didn’t really manage to grab my interest.

  3. This was my first actual look at what’s happening this season and even from this tiny glance nothing really looks appealing. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. Thank goodness, cause I don’t have the time anyway.

    1. I’ll admit, this season is pretty weak. If you happen to like sport anime, a lot of people do like the badminton one and the beach volleyball one, but neither really appealed to me.

  4. #1 Attack on Titan

    #2 Cells at Work

    #3 My Hero Academia

    #4 Hanebado that badminton show

    It’s just enough to have a few good shows to watch every week and then Funimation should update Full Metal Panic to wrap that up and that’s been amazing. And since I got crunchy roll for Cells at Work I figured I’d pick and choose some good Boruto episodes.

    All in all I’ve been pretty impressed and content.

    1. I think I’m just finding it a slow season because usually I’m struggling to fit all my reviews into a week and now I’m actively looking for content because I’m not following all that much.

  5. Speaking of Angels of Death….shock of all shockers, we actually got a decent episode this week (yeah…I didn’t drop it, I know I am weak 😭😭)But yeah, we actually got a bit of background on Zack’s character and finally some character development. Don’t expect that this has now turned into something good though, it’s still mediocre at best, but at least this was finally an episode that I enjoyed at least.
    Totally agree with you choice for episode of the week by the way! That gattling gun: gotta love it 😊😊

    1. Keep me up to date with Angels of Death, I may need to go back and catch up, but for now I’m not missing it in my weekly viewing.
      With Phantom of the Twilight, I loved the ending skit where Toryu was asked how he manages to carry his guns around (particularly a gattling gun). I thought that was pretty funny.

      1. I will definitely do that. As I said, it’s still a mediocre show, but I actually enjoyed this episode, and it even gave me a little bit of sympathy for Zack. (So who knows, if this continues it might actually become a bit fun).
        Haha..yeah those ending skits are funny and for some reason fit the series too. I also thought it was funny, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the new episode 😊

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