Summer 2018 Week 5

summer week 5

Week 5 has come to an end and I’ve had another a few drops from my watch list. Normally I’d be sad by such a short line up, but I actually kind of wanted a lighter season and it is giving me time to try some projects I’ve had in mind for awhile, such as my Yuri on Ice rewatch. Still, there is plenty to be enjoyed even as I tighten up the viewing list. Let me know what you thought of this week of the season in the comments below.

What I watched

100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams (Episode 5)


Perhaps the weakest episode so far for 100 Sleeping Princes. It was still perfectly watchable but I’m starting to feel like the main narrative has managed to get itself lost and that concerns me given we’re not even at the mid-season point. Hopefully next week helps to give this show some much needed direction.

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion (Episode 5)

Angolmois Episode 5 - life advice

The conflict continues and we get some interesting tactics this week. The animation isn’t going so well with a reliance on pans over still images, but the story remains compelling and they are slowly fleshing out these characters. For a historical anime I’m pretty invested in it at this point.

Attack on Titan Season 3 (Episode 2)

Attack on Titan - Season 3 Episode 3

I’ll admit it, I’m now excited about this season of Attack on Titan. The first three episodes feel like we’re moving forward, there’s been some great character moments, and it feels like we’re slowly getting the big picture filled in. While it might all horribly derail in a few episodes, this has been a solid and decent beginning to a new season.

Banana Fish (Episode 5 – Not Reviewed)


Ash is released from prison but amazingly enough doesn’t exactly have plans to keep out of trouble. He’s not even out of there an hour before he attempts to steal a gun and a car however Eiji ends up going with him. He hatches a revenge plan that probably sounds great in someone’s head but doesn’t exactly have a lot of practical value and goes about as well as expected. Still fairly compelling viewing.

Cells at Work (Episode 5)

Cells at work - Episode 5 - Macrophage

This anime continues to be both educational and amusing in the way it depicts the cells and the various responses of the body to invaders and other issues. While episodes 1 and 2 remain the highlight for me so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching this each week. I don’t think it has a huge amount of rewatch in it, but it is fun.

Holmes of Kyoto (Episode 5)

Holmes of Kyoto Episode 5

Forgettable, bland and uneventful are my buzz words for this show. I am going to subtract uneventful this week because at least we got back to the whole idea of the counterfeiter and it seems we are setting up a rival for Holmes (only 5 episodes in so no rush here). That said, everything about this show is still pretty bland.

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord (Episode 6)


Returning to a more fan-service filled affair, I wasn’t a big fan of this week’s episode. There’s still some potentially interesting character and plot points developing, but this episode was definitely appealing to an audience looking for something else from this show. I’m hoping for more balance next week between plot and fan-service.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Episode 19 – Reviewed for Patrons)

Kakuriyo18eHere we go with another episode where characters talk and Aoi then decides that of course she needs to get involved. I have to wonder if anyone else is going to do anything or if the show itself has any real purpose other than to push Aoi into solving problems (usually through cooking – though the most recent trouble may not).

Phantom in the Twilight (Episode 5)

Twilight5bOkay, they still haven’t addressed the whole kidnapped friend story line which is just kind of drifting in the middle of nowhere, but this series is definitely doing okay so far. I found myself really caught up in the story this week and I feel like the main character may have made some gains. Hoping this continues as this show has been fun but it felt like it was stepping up a bit.

Steins;Gate 0 (Episode 17)

Steins;Gate 0 - Okabe

Mayuri is finally actively participating in the narrative and it seems like this story really does like beating up poor Mayuri. Still, something needed to push Okabe into action or else we were going to have a pretty ho-hum ending and I guess these events will do that. This show seems to be gearing up for a big finish.

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einhenjer (Episode 5)


Generic and pretty ordinary, this story continues to go through the motions. It isn’t bad but neither is it something that is very interesting. While the battle strategy plays a big part in a lot of the conflicts, characters are pretty flat in terms of their personalities and visually it looks much like dozens of other titles. Watchable but nothing special so far.

My Hero Academia Season 3 (Episode 17)


And another week where I wonder if my love of My Hero Academia is going to fade a bit by the end of season 3. A slow beginning finally lead to All Might’s moment, but since then its all felt kind of flat and is not grabbing my interest much at all. Though, less than stellar arcs are normal in shounen anime, but I think  I have less patience for it these days.

Episode of the Week

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 3
Attack on Titan Season 3 has made a solid start to its season and while I might have had concerns going in this is now one of the few shows I’m quite excited to wait for each week. Hopefully it keeps going strong.

Character of the Week

Phantom in the Twilight - Ton
Ton from Phantom in the Twilight. Up until now, I hadn’t much liked her as the protagonist and while there’s still rough edges, this week’s episode did a lot to help me appreciate her more as a character.

Dropped or On Hold

  • Angels of Death (Episode 4)
  • GeGeGe no Kitaro (Episode 19)
  • Hanebado (Episode 1)
  • Harukana Receive (Episode 1)
  • Island (Episode 4)
  • Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King (Episode 4)
  • Planet With (Episode 1)
  • The Thousand Muskateers (Episode 1)
  • Yuna and the Haunted Hotsprings (Episode 1)

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11 thoughts on “Summer 2018 Week 5

  1. I ended up dropping Happy Sugar Life yesterday. Not only did I have no clue what was going on but it was getting way too creepy on top of its already creepy premise – and I don’t mean “creepy” as in “spooky” but “creepy” as in the fascination with lolis and gratuitous lesbianism. 😮

    1. Okay… I’ve been hearing a bit about Happy Sugar Life but despite reading several reviews of episodes I still have no idea what it is actually about, and reading this comment has just confused me more.

      1. I probably should have dropped it after the first episode when the loli was revealed to be the true love of the lead girl, but the horror aspect was enticing.

        My own fault for sticking with it – it’s just too devient for my tastes. :-/

  2. I’ve not got round to any of the summer anime yet, but lists like this are adding to my watch-list. I’ll definitely have to check out AoT season 3, and I’m growing increasingly curious about Cells at Work.

  3. Did not expect to see Ton as the character of the week! But I agree with your choice as she was really doing something well in this week’s episode. 😊

    1. There’s also this absence of competition at the moment given how few characters I’ve even remembered the names of this season. I could just give character of the week to Levi every week but that seems a little silly.

      1. Haha..I think you would be able to get away with something like that, but yeah…it does seem a bit silly I guess. Then again…you could always give it to Zack 😂😂

  4. I haven’t seen any new anime this season, nothing really made me want to watch it. I’m going to watch MHA but after its all out. I guess im just waiting for next season because theres loads I’m looking forward to

    1. Other than the shows everyone knows are coming next season, I haven’t looked at the next season line up yet. I usually wait until one season is wrapped before I start thinking ahead. Otherwise I’d never enjoy the season I was in and that seems self-defeating.

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