Kino’s Journey Episode 12: A Fittingly Bland End


We’re seriously going to end this fairly dull anime with an episode about Kino getting chased by sheep? Really? This is really what you want the audience to remember? And yet, I can’t say I’m overly surprised given this show hasn’t really done much of anything since the first handful of episodes that really seems like it is aware that it should consider the audience.


Despite Kino being able to have avoided being pinned against the ravine by the sheep if she’d actually taken Hermes on an angle past the second herd, and despite the fact that they were sheep (okay, we find out they are fighting sheep but they’re sheep) Kino ends up getting a last stand style scene where she just mercilessly sets them on fire and shoots down any resistance. It is stupid, it is unnecessary, and the presentation is obnoxiously grandiose consider she’s fighting with sheep.


Farewell Kino’s journey. I won’t miss you and the only revisiting I will do will involve writing a whole series review about all the ways you went wrong.

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Karandi James.



16 thoughts on “Kino’s Journey Episode 12: A Fittingly Bland End

    1. Trying to explain to relatives why there was the sound of bleating and gun fire coming from my room for nearly five minutes made for one of my more interesting pre-Christmas discussions. Even I couldn’t object when they rolled their eyes as I attempted to explain what the series had done.

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    1. We could look on the bright side. Before this came out I wasn’t aware of an original series because I’d never heard of this show. Now I have the chance to go back and see what so many people have been saying is a classic. I may not like the original any more than this but at least I did become aware it existed.

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  1. Hmmm…I sense a metaphor coming up. Maybe it’s symbolic? As counting sheep usually puts people to sleep, this being an anime that seems to do that at times as well, it feels like a very fitting end 😂😂
    Sorry this anime wasn’t very good, always annoying when that happens 😢

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    1. This one wasn’t even interesting in how it wasn’t good to watch. It just became progressively more pointless as the series went on and by the time it tried to give the character back story I really didn’t care and then we get a sheep massacre for a final episode. Anyway, glad it is done now.

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