Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart Episode 4


Miou continues to avoid Haruki with spectacular results if she intended to make them both miserable. While I get that she is feeling guilty and isn’t sure how to face him, her actions are incredibly illogical because there is no positive outcome that could possibly come from them. I also get she’s trying to be emotional not logical but I spent a lot of this episode wanting to give her a good shake.


Enter cute (precocious – obnoxious) child at an art class where Miou can assist him and suddenly start to feel bit better leading to her opening up to her friends. Over cake they help her out and she decides to finish the art work (even though it no longer is going to be in the movie) and talk to Haruki (even though it’s probably too late).


As adorable as this series has been this episode emphasizes all the things that annoy me about these sorts of romance stories with characters making mountains out of nothing and avoiding the path that would get things back on track for far too long.

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Karandi James.



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