Land of the Lustrous Episode 9: After Winter Comes Spring


Regardless of what happens in this story in the final three episodes (assuming 12 episodes is correct) this has been a fantastic tale to watch unfold. Phos’  desire to change has pushed her throughout the whole series and now we finally start to see the real impact of that desire.


Early in this episode she is barely recognisable after spending the winter working on learning to control her new form and body. And like every other step she has taken, this one isn’t easy or flawless and it isn’t without its problems. The impact of losing yet more memories also becomes clear in this episode.


I certainly have some concerns about what this show will do for a finale because it doesn’t seem likely that it can actually give us the final answers about this world and a satisfying conclusion in the time remaining, but I might be wrong. Either way, this one has been well worth the ride so far and continues to be a beautifully presented and intriguing viewing experience.

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Karandi James.



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