Just Because Episode 8: When You Know The Path is Wrong


The love triangle between Natsume, Komiya and Eita continues with Komiya making her move and asking Eita out on a date (even if it was facilitated by her cat). What is interesting is that Natsume calls Komiya on the point I raised in my last post asking her why she even bothered to ask permission, to which the show gives a flippant ‘just because’ response. But it is an interesting point given Natsume never had any right to say no so Komiya asking her about Eita was pointless from the beginning. However, it is pointless in a way that emulates so much of human interaction that you just can’t help but feel how real these characters are sometimes.

Eita and Natsume however continue to both be maddeningly self-defeating. It doesn’t make them bad characters, contrarily it gives rise to the only kind of conflict this show is really interested in dealing with, but it does make them frustrating to watch sometimes.


Part of me wanted Komiya just to actually confess and not be half-hearted about it (“if the photo wins…”_) but I guess that wouldn’t fit with anything else this show has delivered so her backhanded confession will have to be enough. It isn’t as though Eita isn’t now clear on her feelings.

In case it sounds like I dislike this show, I will point out I really like it (so long as I don’t have to watch the animation of people walking or running, I think that is getting worse). It really does feel like they’ve captured a lot of what it is to be in high school and on the edge of having to figure out what your life is actually going to be about (and realising that whatever you decide probably won’t stick anyway).

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9 thoughts on “Just Because Episode 8: When You Know The Path is Wrong

  1. I’m thinking Eita will end up with Komiya, cuz Natsume always comes up with excuses as to not to say anything to Eita but secretly loves him. Komiya has at least some confident to actually go ahead with her plans (with the help of her cat which is so funny btw)

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  2. I really like this show because of how real this slice of life drama is in comparison to many other slice of life shows I’ve seen. It actually has substance even if some of the characters are not that enjoyable.

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