UQ Holder Episode 9: What Does Anyone Expect From an Episode Called “Love, Baths and Vigorous Exercise”?


This episode begins and ends with Tota seeking answers from Evangeline and getting at least one decent revelation by episode’s end. Which I’m guessing is meant to make us think the rest of this is worth our time.


I’m just not sure I’m in for a random bath sequences with B list characters who seem to only exist for scenes like this. I’m not sure when Tota acquired full harem status but it has been building for awhile. The issue is, the various love interests don’t actually seem to have anything to do with the main plot that keeps getting sidelined while the girls literally fight over who gets to wash Tota’s back.


Even Kuroumaru, who actually used to be interesting, has been reduced to love struck maiden getting involved in stupid fights that serve no purpose given the protagonist remains oblivious to anything going on around them anyway. And when the whole thing is resolved by nothing changing you start questioning why you just gave the sequence nearly twenty minutes of your life.


I don’t actually dislike this show, I just don’t see much point to it. It feels like you could recut the plot points of the story and end up with about one episode worth of material at this point.

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Karandi James.



7 thoughts on “UQ Holder Episode 9: What Does Anyone Expect From an Episode Called “Love, Baths and Vigorous Exercise”?

  1. Mmm I would say he’s just showing his roots here considering he also wrote Love Hina which took place in an inn with hot springs. That being said, it’s not really engaging or meaningful content.

    To be fair, Kuroumaru tried to protect Touta instead of whisking Touta off to scrub his back fifty times.

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