Irina’s first blogwarming party is here. Check out the post and the great links they have shared.

I drink and watch anime

OMG the time has finally arrived! I can’t believe it’s been a whole month already!!!!!

OK, so in case anyone is new here, let me explain: last month I tried to get a project going which could serve as a platform of sorts to help smaller or newer aniblogs join in the community. The basic idea was that every month, I would feature a new blogger and help get their content out there for more people to enjoy. Then I begged much more successful bloggers to help and because they happen to be wonderful people, they agreed.

So to get things rolling, I asked people to send in posts they wanted to put up for consideration and a bunch of extremely kind anonymous volunteers (you guys can say who you are if you like), helped me read through the submissions and pick which to feature.

Image result for anime slaves It’s not like I forced…

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