Anime Quotes – Autumn 2017

Yes, this is another fairly random post where I have collected my favourite quotes from this season (so far) in one place. I’d love it if you would share your favourite lines or quotes from the season in the comments.

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Karandi James.



5 thoughts on “Anime Quotes – Autumn 2017

  1. I can’t remember the exact line, but there was one moment in Black Clover where Asta made a funny comment about the hair of another character and how he could see with al; that hair right in front of him. It was the only time to date where I actually had to laugh about something Asta said 😀

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    1. That was Noelle’s brother wasn’t it? The one with the stupid plait running between his eyes?
      Yes, I laughed at that too. Finally an anime character being called out on their hairstyle because as if you would want to obscure your vision like that.

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