UQ Holder Episode 8: Curious


The fight plays out after last week and we get a few twists and turns but mostly just immortals of various sorts hacking, leaping and pounding on each other with some magic thrown in because it kind of looks cool I guess. I was surprised that the UQ Holders actually came out ahead on this fight but even then, it isn’t like they won much.


It is hard to take Fate seriously because he is trying so hard to be a bad guy and it is almost as though the plot is screaming that he’s actually just a mis-understood genius. I’m like him to just be a villain but I somehow don’t think that’s where this will go.


I guess if you like immortal characters fighting before playing question time, there’s something to enjoy about this episode. It isn’t actually bad as we do seem to have progressed forward, but it wasn’t exactly memorable, even with the chameo from Tota’s apparently not-dead grandfather.


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