Dies Irae Episode 6: Shiny Lights and Stuff Goes Boom


So I am not confused about the plot anymore. I was seriously over thinking this under the assumption that there was some deeper meaning to any of it and once this episode thoroughly convinced me that this was not the case everything kind of fell into place. The issue being that what I’m not looking at is a plot which is rivalling Hand Shakers for being ultimately completely pointless.


Now that is not to say that this couldn’t somehow turn things around and maybe show that there was some actual thought put into this, but so far evidence suggests that this is a concept focused on a highly adolescent version of what might be cool and not an actual well thought out or developed plot.


But hey, if you just want to see glowing characters beat each other up and throw trucks and each other and generally cause chaos, you might genuinely enjoy the mess that Dies Irae continues to be. I, unfortunately, am stuck in the same space I was with Hand Shakers in that I really don’t like this show but that small chance that it might, just somehow, pull off some sort of amazing twist is going to make me watch it through. Expect more hate as this series continues.

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Karandi James.



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