The Reflection Impressions


I didn’t end up checking this out during the Summer season despite it remaining on my list of shows to get back to. Then again, there wasn’t a lot of positive news around this show so it was hardly a priority for me. However, I decided that since we were in between seasons I should at least check out the first episode. So, I at least made it to the end of that and I’m just going to point out I won’t be going any further.


I get there’s a style here but to be honest it is boring to look at. And when it isn’t boring, it is painfully ugly. However, if something were happening with the story or characters to distract me then maybe that wouldn’t be so much a problem but this opening sequence with the lanterns just seems to serve no purpose and drags out for a long time for no purpose. There are these long pauses between characters speaking, again, possibly for some sort of dramatic effect but all it does is make the already choppy pacing worse.


Then you have the most generic set up and villain dialogue in history. While I appreciate that this show might be finding its feet and getting to a point eventually, there was just nothing appealing in this first episode at all. Not one event or character that actually made me interested in where this would go. So, combined with visuals that also have zero appeal, this show is now officially off my watch list.

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Karandi James.



13 thoughts on “The Reflection Impressions

  1. I was going to check out this show, mainly because Stan Lee was involved and seeing the great and influential creations he’s done for superhero culture, I would’ve thought that him doing an anime would be as enjoyable. But it seems like this particular project was a flop. That’s a shame.

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  2. I stuck it out to episode 7 and it didn’t really get any better. They don’t give you any reason to care about the characters or give them a concrete goal that you get behind besides stopping the villains whose motivations if they exist you just don’t care about. It just doesn’t go anywhere.

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  3. Well, looking at the screenshots you provided for your review here, I am going to pass on this one too. It really doesn’t appeal to me in any way, and it really sounds I am not missing out on anything here 😊

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    1. I don’t even get why the lantern scene exists given nothing of note happens in it and it is seemingly totally unconnected to the rest of the story. Plus, it is horrendous to look at. I just don’t get it.

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      1. SAME SAME SAME! I remembering being recommended it by Crunchyroll or Funimation, watching the first 2 minutes and gave up. Then I forgot about it for a couple months, got recommended it again, and repeated the same cycle. It’s just bad lol

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