Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 13: This May Be The End


Not of the anime, because tragically that has more to come so it kind of looks like it is just going to continue into the next season (I can’t actually find an episode count anywhere though). However, I am pretty sure this will be my last post on this. Hopefully. If I have any sense at all I will drop this for real.


I just want to know why every character who meets Inaba thinks anything of him? Seriously, what are they seeing that the audience isn’t? They all sit around and give him advice and pep talks. That is literally their entire interaction with this kid and yet they all speak so incredibly highly of him. Yet, everything he has done and his internal dialogues just make him look and sound like an idiot.


I hate this main character, I hate that all the other characters seem to think he’s amazing, and I hate that nothing ever seems to happen in this show. Okay, I think I just made my mind up and I’ll be dropping this.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.



6 thoughts on “Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 13: This May Be The End

    1. That’s how I started to feel about Sagrada Reset. I know there are a couple of people still watching this one, and some of them are really enjoying it. Maybe worth doing a search?


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