Hell Girl Episode 9: That’s Some Poor Decision Making


Well, here’s a case of why did we involve Hell Girl? A girl doesn’t want to go to school so the teacher visits her home everyday and she refuses to talk to him. She does talk with a friend via emails and texts though and starts thinking she should write her teacher’s name on the website to send him to hell. Kind of making you feel sorry for the teacher early in this episode.


And then we get our twist. The teacher is actually her pen friend and rather than being concerned that she was going to send him to hell he asks her to do so because he hates his life. Really? This is your solution to not really liking your job?


Things continue and he goes to hell but is kindly informed that the student will one day follow him and then the story ends.

I can’t help but think this was a somewhat less than satisfying story. There seemed no catalyst for the girl wanting to curse her teacher as he didn’t necessarily seem like the reason she wasn’t going to school. There seemed no reason for the teacher to actually want to go to hell. It all just seemed kind of ‘so whatever’.

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6 thoughts on “Hell Girl Episode 9: That’s Some Poor Decision Making

  1. I’m not entirely sure but I think there was an episode similar to this vein in one of the earlier seasons? A girl being encouraged to send someone to hell by that same person whom she was intercating with unknowingly. Are they recycling ideas or something?

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        1. Well, I hadn’t noticed. As I said, I’m only passingly interested in the show and I’ve never rewatched a season. That’s pretty sad though. Why bother with a new season if you don’t have new content.

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          1. To be fair, I was very into the first seasons and I still wouldn’t have recognized the repetition if I hadn’t went through the wiki entires about a month prior to season 4.

            And yeah, it’s kinda lame. Maybe they should have stopped at s2.

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