My Hero Academia Episode 35: Aizawa’s Always A Teacher


There’s a lot of terrible teachers out in the anime universe, fortunately for Todoroki and Yaoyorozu, Aizawa isn’t one of them. Even when he’s hunting them down, he still takes the time to reflect on their progress as students and to give them the push they need to overcome their own difficulties. As much as he likes to play the tough guy, when it comes to his students, he is always a teacher.

Still this episode sees us go through three different tests and after the inglorious defeat of the two muscle heads in round one it seems like most pairs have at least discussed possible plans.


The teachers aren’t going all out but they aren’t playing overly nice either so it is kind of nice to see the students rise to the challenge.


Still, this episode hits you with the emotional high of Yaoyorozu finally getting to do something other than fret or worry about her own inadequacies. It has been a long time coming but she’s finally joined the many other awesome female characters in this show that get to stand on their own two feet and be counted. And seeing Todoroki follow her lead and learn from his own mistakes was also pretty cool.


Now we just have to hope that some of our other favourite characters don’t bomb out next week. This show continues to be a bundle of fun as even the most mundane of events (a school exam) comes to life when these characters take the stage.

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7 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Episode 35: Aizawa’s Always A Teacher

  1. Aizawa is such a great character. he likes to act tough, but he really does care for his students, and turns literally everything into a teaching lesson. Plus, watching him fight all-out at USJ was amazing.

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