Fastest Finger First Episode 9: Way To Make A Character We Hate


The final group of the second round have their go and of course Koshiyama ends up paired with the girl (who is actually a guy) from the arcade who really is just a jerk. There’s no other way to describe someone who treats others with that much disdain. Really, really wishing, that his team leader had actually sent him home after that round.


Despite really hating that character, the quiz was still fun and because of the format of needing two people to buzz in I was actually hearing enough of most of the questions to guess an answer which was entertaining. The outcome of the round is pretty much what you would expect at this point in the season, but I’m just not sure adding that character was a good idea. The characters so far have been relatively benign and then adding one truly irritating individual to the mix does not seem like a good plan.


I guess it did mix things up a bit, but this was probably my least favourite episode so far of this show.

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Karandi James.



8 thoughts on “Fastest Finger First Episode 9: Way To Make A Character We Hate

    1. My reviews are about a week behind on this one but I don’t think I’ll catch up until the end of the season now because I just don’t have time to do a double episode if I want to keep up with everything else.

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