Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 10: An Attempt At Darkness


If this show wanted me to take the supernatural seriously and think that there was any kind of threat coming from that perspective, it really needed to do something earlier. So far this show has delivered nothing but the occasional thug as a potential issue as almost every situation has been dealt with in an almost non-event fashion.


On the bright side, at least as we approach the end of the season, the show seems to be trying to step up its game. The issue is, they’ve given no precedent for the emotion they are trying for and so – like a lot of other things in this show – it is a poor fit in a show that has no idea what it actually wants to be.


Perhaps the lesson is simple: figure out whether you want to slice of life, emotionally resonate, be a supernatural investigation show, or a comedy and actually commit to something. While there is nothing overly bad in this show, the elements have never come together and I have no idea what tone they were even attempting at this point. I’d have to say they missed the mark but maybe they were going for unsatisfying meander.

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Karandi James.



5 thoughts on “Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Episode 10: An Attempt At Darkness

    1. What happened after that was a whole lot of nothing. Empty airtime and potential threats that just kind of disappeared and conflicts that never happened.
      Seriously, this is the exact kind of show I normally love and for me to be as negative about it as I am means something has gone really wrong and mostly I think it is the absence of any kind of emotion. This show feels like it was written by committee and they are just hitting all the notes that this sort of show usually hits without understanding why any of them work.

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