My Hero Academia Episode 34: Prepare for the Fight Scene


Here we go into exams. My Hero Academia never lets the audience forget for long that this is technically a school based anime and while they put their own unique spin on the various school events they march us through each of them in turn. Of course that isn’t to say this was a bad episode and My Hero Academia has always been fairly generic in both setting and story and excels only in its delivery so this seems to continue that trend. What it did give some time to are Midoriya’s lesser known classmates as they cram for the written tests.


Still, as much as that was a thing, Midoriya and Bakugo’s awful relationship gets a lot of discussion if not so much screen time. Bakugo’s behaviour once again makes me wonder how is he not aiming to be a villain at this point.


Still, at least their teacher is honest about why he paired them up. If he’d actually tried to justify it in any other terms it would have been eye-roll worthy.


While we did see the first pair of students take on a teacher in the practical part of these exams, mostly this was a set up episode so not a lot going on. Enjoyable enough but hardly going to stand out amongst some of the episodes this season has delivered.

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