Chronos Ruler Episodes 4 + 5: My Time is Faster Than Your Time

Review Episode 4:

I’m going to comment on the opening of this anime, because I haven’t in the reviews of episodes 1 – 3. What is that supposed to be? In addition to sounding horrible (which I guess is technically subjective), visually it is an eyesore.

Moving away from that, this episode was a direct continuation from last week which means Victo is fighting someone who claimed to be a god but from the sounds of it is technically more a descendent of someone who might have been a god. And of course she initially comes across as wanting to kill him but then gives him a chance to defeat her by not using her powers directly on him. Basically, she’s just going to let him win because why would any hot maybe-god like woman want to actually kill Victo? Other than he’s completely annoying and hasn’t done one thing in four episodes to make me think all these people should actually be hung up on saving his life or memories.


Though this episode did clarify Mina’s position and basically while she’s a little bit of a pathetic character, at least she’s not a pathetic traitor. Her loyalty to Victo is pretty straight forward at the end of the day.


Is this getting any better? Not really.

Review Episode 5:

All this episode does is draw the two fights to a close. Kiri vs fire guy who turns out to be a complete idiot with a ‘tragic’ backstory (I really think writers are running out of ideas for tragic backstory), and Victo vs self-declared-time-goddess.


Neither fight is particularly interesting. Both Victo and Kiri pull out something random as a twist that is, I guess, supposed to be clever but basically it is the we’re the protagonists and we’re not going to lose move. In Kiri’s case it kind of works simply because we know he wasn’t trusting Mina before they entered the place so some basic preparations make sense, in Victo’s it makes very little. But still, watching Kiri beat a guy that is completely useless isn’t exactly satisfying.


Watching Victo get beaten up before his final move on the other hand was a bit more satisfying, though he ended up technically winning the fight and to be honest, I’d have happily watched him get pounded into the ground.


The writing is still pretty dreadful and while they are doing some fun things with speed up and slow down the plot of this hasn’t progressed in nearly three episodes because they’ve been so busy showing us these ‘cool’ fight sequences. Pretty forgettable stuff, really.

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