Snapshot of The Holiday

Okay, definitely not an anime related post, but I have just gotten back from a trip so for those interested here are some photos from my journey to Hawaii. I know, it is very odd that someone who hates the ocean would travel to an island known for its beaches, but I didn’t go for the beach. We have beaches in Australia. I went because I wanted to see the active volcanoes  and explore the lava flows and I was not disappointed.

That said, I kind of loved the flowers and scenery and really just had a lot of fun wandering around and snapping photos (I left the food photos out). I just wish I could have spent a bit longer in some places and not so long in others but that’s always the problem when you travel with a group, having to move at the pace of others.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who continued to visit the blog while I was away. Sorry I wasn’t very active online (I did try to get to people’s blogs but know I kind of failed most days). Okay, that’s all for this post and next week I’m back to the usual posting schedule, only I’m a few weeks behind on most of the currently streaming anime.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.



13 thoughts on “Snapshot of The Holiday

    1. Glad you liked them. I wish I had been able to take a tripod some of the places we went though because they obviously don’t let you too close to anything and zooming in that much really makes it hard to get a stable photo. I need a travel tripod as mine is just too big to carry with.


  1. Wow, the pictures you took look seriously awesome. It seems like you have really had a fantastic time. It makes me want to visit Hawaii myself, I already knew it was a very beautiful place, but these pictures only comfirm it even more 😊

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    1. Yeah, but I’d recommend avoiding the major centres given beach cities everywhere look much the same. You need to have transport and get out into the island.


  2. What a beautiful view of Hawaii… It’s nice to go to places that puts your mind at ease. I’m glad you’re having a nice, relaxing trip.

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    1. Relaxed probably isn’t the right word given the group I was with were out from breakfast until late an night most days and there was a lot of walking but I definitely got a break from my day to day which was kind of great and the volcanos were fantastic.

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