30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5


Right, day 5: Favourite anime opening theme song. I’m going to cheat and give two answers to this. Mostly because there’s the opening theme I’ve been in love with for a fairly long time and then there is a more recent one which I really love but I’m not sure how I’ll feel about it in a few years time (it could just be the novelty factor working in its favour but I doubt it).


Long time favourite anime opening is My Soul, Your Beats from Angel Beats. This is a truly beautiful opening and I love the visuals that go with it. Okay, I just love Angel Beats, but I was hooked from the very first few notes on the piano when this song started and every time I hear it I just get completely swept away. If you haven’t heard the song you should go check it out because it is amazing.

The more recent love comes in the form of History Maker from Yuri on Ice. This opening as I mentioned while the show was airing really just got me excited for the show and swept me up in its emotions. I like that it is a little bit different in style to a lot of anime openings, it is catchy and gets stuck in your head like crazy (just mentioning History Maker can get it going again), and visually it was really interesting. Plus, the changes to the visuals as the series progressed were kind of fun to track.

Your choice now. What is your favourite opening?

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23 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5

  1. The op to Angel Beats is so nice, especially the piano in the back; I really like that. And Yuri on Ice op is just amazing! I somehow managed to learn all the lyrics to it hahahah. :’)

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  2. Love your picks. I haven’t seen Angel Beats yet but I’ve heard the song and like it. And History Maker is great. My favorites change all the time though. Can’t really pin it down.

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    1. That’s probably the other issue with the 30 Day Challenge, I can only give my answer on the given day. The next day I’ll probably think of about three other answers I could have given.

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  3. Great choices. I love both of them. Just hearing the beginning of Angel Beats’ one fill my heart of… feelings. While I listen to the latter pretty much everytime I wake up, as it charge me up in an incredibly way.

    Can’t really choose only A best one, the ones the come up to mind right now would be ACCA’s, Umineko’s (though I haven’t watched it yet, I heard it and fell in love with it) and 3-gatsu no Lion’s (the 2nd one). But I probably forgot about some.

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      1. Hm, perhaps am I confusing the first and second one? *Goes to check* OH, yeah. It was the first one. Not sure why I mistook them.
        For some reason, I started liking ACCA’s one only after some episodes. The more I repeated it, the more I liked it.

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        1. I find that with a few openings. The new Attack on Titan opening wasn’t great but by half-way through it had really grown on me. My Hero Academia on the other hand still hasn’t managed to sell me on its opening and I think its about to change so maybe the new one will work better.

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          1. Hoh, same with me. I believe it wasn’t until the second half of AoT 2 that I started liking it, heck I now (well, when it was still airing) sing scream “Sasageyo! Sasageyo! Shinzou wo Sasageyo! alongside the OP.


  4. Visually speaking, Yuri!!! on Ice, History Maker is my favorite, I like the song in itself too since I’m a sucker when come to orchestra.
    Song only I will go with Period by Chemistry (FMA Brotherhood) and Sen no Tsubasa by Livetune (Re:_Hamatora)

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  5. Howling by Abington Boys School for Darker Than Black. It’s so dated and cringe-worthy, but I still love it. It really set the tone for the show. No matter how bad it sounds over time, it’ll always be my number one. I’m really holding back from saying, “Oh and I love…..” because I could make a huge list of OPs I love in general.

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