Hunter x Hunter Episodes 49 + 50

Review Episode 49:

I have to admit, Killua had a point with this imagery. Two Hisoka’s is terrifying just to imagine.


What makes less sense is that Killua himself then spends the rest of the episode underestimating the opponent and the end result is pretty much as expected. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why Killua and Gon aren’t already dead. Though I also have to wonder what the troupe members are doing just kind of loitering in their hide out. It seems like that would get dull. Or do they just arrange themselves on the rubble to make an impact when someone walks in? Anyway, as that episode just kind of left us hanging, onto the next.

Review Episode 50:


As usual, angry Gon is not someone I’d like to face. While it never lasts long, when he’s burning bright he’s pretty intense. Still, not enough to escape from the whole troupe so probably just as well it ended up just being one member they had to escape from. I did like that this episode saw Killua lose his cool for once.


He’s usually so composed that you forget how young he is. His flipping out at being overwhelmed and outmatched was pretty fun to watch but I’m glad Gon managed to snap him out of it. Looking forward to them meeting up with Kurapika.

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