The Silver Guardian Episode 12


Seriously, I haven’t the slightest idea what the intention was. This apparently has a second season planned for next year and I won’t be watching it.



We start off in the fight Suigin dropped into last week. He still can’t actually fight so Twin Star turns into a dragon and ends the battle.


That’s it. No mention of Riku nor do we find out what Suigin wanted from the commentator guy or how any of this is connected to anything we saw in episode 1. I got nothing. There’s a fight. There’s some poor jokes. Then it ends and that’s all. I’ll be reviewing this whole series shortly but I can already tell you not to bother if you haven’t tried this show.

The Silver Guardian is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “The Silver Guardian Episode 12

  1. I was expecting something to happen this episode. Maybe for Suigin to pull out a move and show he’s a worthy protagonist but I guess that’s asking for to much since all he ever seems to do is wallow in his own misery. And I have to agree with you, we got nothing about how Suigin ends up being some super powered guy from ep 1. This season as a whole felt like a real waste of everybody’s time.

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    1. Even if they want to make the argument that we’ll see more in season 2, I don’t care anymore. As you said, this season has really wasted my time to get nowhere. They needed to give us something in this final episode and they’ve utterly failed to do so.

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      1. Exactly. After something like this, I can only imagine what a waste of time season 2 would be. If they really wanted to hook the audience, the last episode should have delivered something but it didn’t so there is really no hope for the next season.

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  2. I was really expecting something from Suigin, as he seemed so confident. Yet, I was utterly disappointed: I truly dislike behaviours like these when it can’t be backed up (and relying on others isn’t that good either in my opinion…). That was actually the main reason I disliked so much the first episode of RokuAka.

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