Let the Voting Begin for Spring 2017

It’s been a season of sequels and some surprisingly pleasant anime that seemed to come out of nowhere as well as some incredibly generic fantasy but as we close in on the end of the season it is time to decide which anime have been the best and the worst of the season.


This is the reader’s poll and the winning anime will be announced late in July (poll closes July 9 to give the last few shows that are ending a chance to wrap up). Yes this poll includes shows that are continuing onto the next season and sequels and pretty much everything else. For the first time I’ve also allowed you multiple choices and a write your own title because I can’t remember every show that came out nor do I really want to write all those options into the poll.

First up, the best of spring 2017. Now this is not about technical best of anything like that. This vote is based on pure entertainment and enjoyment. So you, as the viewer, decide which anime you had the most fun watching this season and vote for them. If you’d like to explain your choice, please share in the comments.

And now, the worst of spring 2017. Once again, this isn’t about the technical proficiency of the animation or anything like that. Just which anime did you actually watch that you really wish you hadn’t. Please do not just vote for a title that has been given a lot of grief. You need to have watched the anime to know how bad it is and how painful it is to watch in order to vote for it here (though if you got half-way and gave up that’s a reasonable effort).

Thanks for your votes and please remember to share this post.

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29 thoughts on “Let the Voting Begin for Spring 2017

    1. You are welcome to write it in. I covered the shows I watched, tried, or remembered when I wrote the poll but did leave space for write ins this time. Re:Creators has so far been a popular choice for ‘other’.

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  1. Eh I just voted AoT/MHA/Tsuki for best and obviously Ero for worst. Don’t recognize a few of the other ones since I dropped off from watching a lot of seasonal anime later in the season. I

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    1. Fair enough. Yeah, most people don’t tend to put themselves through watching rubbish and just avoid it. That kind of explains the voting pattern where twice as many people have voted for best show.

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  2. So many entertaining shows…MY Hero Academia has been spectacular. KADO has been a huge surprise. Grimoire of Zero has been a lot of fun and a bunch of of others have been great. Re:creators though has been a blast from the beginning and certainly has many of the elements for a classic. Great cast of characters, cool story and artistically it looks and sounds great.

    For worst show…Sword Oratoria. Love the concept of the universe and Dungeon was entertaining. However Aiz is just a dull main character and the story really didn’t do anything to improve that.

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    1. Of the shows I got half-way through, Sword Oratoria would be one of the biggest disappointments of the season. I was so excited when AnimeLab picked it up and so let down by what the show delivered. How do you make that world look so boring?

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      1. I agree completely. I was excited for the story and it just didn’t go anywhere. I was generally interested to find out more about Aiz since she was a cool character in the original.
        There were 2 problems, the first is that Aiz isn’t a character that can carry a show on her own and they didn’t give you a reason to care about the side characters. If they had spent time developing these other characters and their chemistry with Aiz, then the show would have worked with us getting details about her as she adventures with a cool group of characters- we didn’t get that,

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  3. The second season of snk wasn’t bad but boku no hero academia has improved by leaps and bounds this time and especially todoroki Vs midoriya was a sight to behold ,I can’t wait for bakugo Vs todoroki 😍😍😍😍

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    1. That’s kind of crazy. I love Natsume but I like it because it is low key consistent, not because it is the top rated show. I guess though, on Mal, people wouldn’t be rating it unless they’d already watched five seasons so its understandable they’d have a high opinion of it.

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    1. I really wish I could watch that. I’ve been really intrigued just reading posts about it so I kind of have to watch it at some point just to try to connect all the ideas I’ve kind of been reading about.

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