Grimoire of Zero Episode 5


So everyone was dead in the village, kind of as expected. Except, you know, that one guy who wasn’t. He stayed alive just long enough to tell them some fairly vague information that wasn’t really helpful. On the bright side I finally remembered the blond kid’s name so that’s a help.


Turns out the Grimoire is not where they expected it to be, so that is probably going to extend this magic scavenger hunt a little further and it also looks like multiple groups are after it. How long has this book been missing for anyway and why does everyone seem to know about it?

My positive from this episode was we finally got another magic fight.


For a show about travelling with a sorcerer, other than episode 1 the magic has been fairly unspectacular so this was a nice treat.

Grimoire of Zero is available on AnimeLab.

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