Alice & Zoroku Episode 5


After this episode I had to check on MAL to see if we knew how many episodes this show was supposed to be because that felt like story over. The institute that had held Sana is shut down, everyone is pretty much arrested or deported and Sana is now living with Sanae and Zoroku. And close.

Oh, wait, we’re only at episode 5 and we still don’t know what a Dream of Alice actually is or why Sana exists or what the government agency that is now watching Sana actually wants, so I guess they have space to move on, but really, there have been less conclusive season finals on shows that are over than what we got in episode 5 here.

Plus, very cool, very overly extended fight sequence. If only we’d actually cared about any of the participants.


This episode is perfectly watchable but this whole series is starting to make me wonder why I’m still watching it.

Alice & Zoroku is available on Crunchyroll.

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