Granblue Fantasy Episode 4


Stories like this always make me ask the same question; how does the empire even function? When every representative you meet of said empire is conspiring against every other, cruel and stupid, malicious, or crazy, it really makes you wonder why the entire empire hasn’t just imploded. They haven’t given us any reason for the empire to be evil, they just are because… plot?


Other than that, this episode again raised the question of how far away can Gran get from Lyria given he goes down to the dock while she stays in the building. Not that they are separated for long but they’ve given us no real guidelines on how separated they can be at this point.

Also, the agents from the previous episode show up for a flashy but mostly pointless battle.


This show works on the surface and I guess if you just kind of tune out and watch passively it is all well and good, but so far that’s all it is managing to deliver. Without actual motive from the antagonists or overall goal from the protagonists (other than not get caught by the antagonists) it is really all just reactionary and not very compelling.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Crunchyroll.

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