The Laughing Salesman Episode 2


I’m not sure if the recurring theme in this story is alcoholism or ego. Regardless, this week we are introduced to another two customers (victims) of the salesman. The first is taken to the hot springs where he proceeds to get drunk and then more or less consents to cheating on his wife. The second involves an employee who quit because of his boss who then becomes a tyrant in his own right.


The opening theme remains the strongest part of this show but the episode and the two stories are both perfectly watchable if not overly exciting.

The Laughing Salesman is available on Crunchyroll.

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2 thoughts on “The Laughing Salesman Episode 2

  1. What did you actually think of the episode? It’s one thing to describe what happened but if I’m clicking on a post about an episode I’ve already seen then I kind of expect some opinions and a review to give me a different perspective on the episode that I’ve seen. I don’t mean to hate but this really isn’t a review (which you tagged it as) and more of a synopsis. Don’t mean to hate, just pointing this out.


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