Granblue Fantasy Episode 2


I had a very bad flashback to Crocodile Dundee while watching this (“That’s not a knife”). Only in this case it was more, “That’s not a fireball” right before the impossibly large dragon that looked like it escaped from a Final Fantasy game blew the hydra from last episode away (if you don’t get the reference, that’s fine because it’s both Australian and dated).


Anyway, this continues to be fairly generic but reasonable. Apparently saving Gran’s life involved Lyria sharing half her life force with him so now they can’t be separated (though no specifics on how far that means yet) so now of course Gran has to join Lyria and Katalina on their journey to a non-specific location (I believe Katalina first said it would be aimless to avoid pursuit). Then, some discussion later, it turns out they are actually going to head to the island of the Astrals which coincidentally is where Gran’s father said he went in a letter he sent his son. Look how well that works out for everyone.

I actually enjoyed this second episode and now that they are on the move I’m looking forward to what comes next. That said, there’s nothing in either the first two episodes that would make me recommend this to someone else if they weren’t already watching it.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Crunchyroll.

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6 thoughts on “Granblue Fantasy Episode 2

  1. My god I was so exited for this anime when it came out that I played the game lol don’t know why, but I think it is following true to the game’s story. There are so many good anime this year that I’m dieing for more episodes specifically Granblue Fantasy and The Kings Avatar which also has two episodes that I think are relatively funny and badass. Ialready finished Ao No Exorcist Season 2 which basically felt shot compared to the original which had a big variation of arcs and interesting plot the season 2 just felt like a small ark with a cliff hanger which makes me want a third season to complete the second

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  2. Ah, I did come across this anime. It definitely looked interesting but in my opinion all it did was give the anticipation of adventure. Which isn’t a bad thing but so far it doesn’t have a direction and the characters are somewhat bland. It feels like a “go with the flow” kind of anime.. I like Katalina though.

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    1. Katalina has probably been the best thing so far. It is very go with the flow and pretty bland (which given they’ve already had a dragon fight probably isn’t the description they were hoping for but is appropriate anyway).

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