Armed Girls Machiavellism Episode 1


An all girls school has gone co-ed but has armed all the girls and so male delinquents are sent there for correction. Enter Nomura, male delinquent not interested in being corrected.



I’d blame Prison School for this but know that Prison School wasn’t the first to use this premise either. Early on we get the guy looking at the girl’s underwear but I thought we might make it to the end of the episode without an accidental kiss, but no, we had to unnecessarily throw in that trope as well. The shame is that there are actually a couple of very small good moments in this episode where you can see that buried somewhere under all that cliché are actual characters and even a possible story, but the question is do I want to wade through predictable comedy and poor execution to get to it assuming that they don’t just throw what little character and story moments there are out. So, not sure on this one and I’ll see what episode 2 looks like before I try to decide.

Armed Girls Machiavellism is available on AnimeLab.

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