Haikyuu Episodes 26 + 27

Review Episode 26:

I wondered how the transition between season 1 and 2 of this show would be handled and the answer was, they just kept going. Okay, we lost that now let’s train, train, train for the next thing. That isn’t a criticism. It actually was kind of nice to seamlessly move on with the story with just one slow motion flash back and voice over at the start to set the scene (though I have to wonder if there had been a gap in watching whether that would have been sufficient to get back into it).


Hinata actually had a vaguely cool moment this episode. What I like the most though is that we’ve instantly been given a new target and direction for the series. There’s no floundering or awkward filler. Just straight from that one tournament that ended in failure to the next opportunity.

Review Episode 27:


This episode spends most of its time on studying and unsurprisingly Hinata is an idiot (though turns out Kageyama isn’t any better). We also introduce a new manager (or a trainee I guess given the old manager hasn’t left yet) and she seems like she’ll be interesting I just kind of hope she stops cringing every single time one of the guys looks at her because that will get old fast.


I found Hinata’s attitude to studying a little depressing but not unexpected and at least he is putting in the effort (even if it is only so he can play more sport). For a non-volleyball focussed episode, this one was still reasonably entertaining and I’m looking forward to their practice match next episode.

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